Veslemoey Ruud Zwart

Veslemoey Ruud Zwart

 Harald Zwart

Harald Zwart

ZWART ARBEID - House of producer Veslemoey Ruud Zwart and director Harald Zwart.  Office manager Trond Lockertsen


Nor +47 97086515
US +1 310 801-8862

Zwart Arbeid, US - 1158 26th Street #587, Santa Monica CA 90403

Zwart Arbeid, Norway, Tollbodplassen 2, Fredrikstad, 1602.

Veslemøy Ruud Zwart, is a Norwegian producer, operating from Los Angeles and Oslo. Her experience in feature, documentary and commercial productions, ranges from productions in Hollywood, Europe and Asia.  She has experience working alongside capacities such as Will and Jada Smith and  Michael Douglas.  

Her upcoming feature "The 12th Man" hits local theaters dec 25th, 2017.  She secured the rights to the book,  on which the film is based over a decade ago, never losing faith this was an important movie to make.  

New York Times wrote about the project and Jan Baalsrud here. Described as one of the most horrific survival stories from WW2.

Veslemoey owns the rights to several Scandinavian books, and is developing several feature and TV projects, one of them based on her own original screenplay, and recently launched an original stage musical to be showcased at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Other Palace in London.  

Veslemoey  is hands-on, famous for going undercover as a “behind the scenes crew on a commercialshoot” in order to secretly interview women for a documentary about "las damas de blanco" in Cuba.  

Veslemoey and Harald's films have earned over 600 Mill USD world wide.

Veslemoey formed the “mothership” Zwart Arbeid in 1994, during her studies at the Institute of Criminology, UiO. The company grew fast and soon gained representation all over Europe and the UK, and Veslemoey quickly realized this was going to be a full-time job.  Zwart Arbeid also produced movie-successes like Long Flat Balls 1 and 2 (A Full Monty Type comedy from Norway, which made top b.o.), and now the much anticipated “12th Man” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Thomas Gullestad.  

She has been instrumental in establishing new creative industries and is a great inspiration to young, female filmmakers who want to enter the business.  

Zwart Arbeid will start principal photography on it’s first TV-show, “The Oil Fund” in January 2018.  A comedy about the norwegian monetary fund, the largest independent fund in the world, run by social democrats. It’s “The Office” - only with one trillion dollars.

She’s the established and is the CEO, Motion Blur Inc. Los Angeles, California (1998) where she helped develop other Scandinavian directors such as Roenberg (Kon Tiki) Stefan Treschow and Harald Zwart.

Partner and Producer, Motion Blur AS, Oslo, Norway (2002)
Veslemoey founded together with Espen Horn and Harald Zwart a new company in Oslo Norway in 2002. The company quickly grew to be one of Scandinavia's biggest and best creative commercial companies, representing established directors and building new talent. 

Svensk Film bought 49% of the company in 2014. The company has added a digital-, TV- and film-devision to its product. 

CEO, Resident Alien Inc. Los Angeles, California (2004)
Founded to use WGA registered writers in USA. 


Hamilton (1996), One Night at McCool’s (2000), Agent Cody Banks (2003), Long Flat Balls 1 and 2 (2006-2008), Pink Panther 2 (2009), The Karate Kid (2010),  The Mortal Instruments (2013),  The 12th Man (2017), The Oil Fund (2018).

University of Oslo — Cand.mag. (1994) Law, Political Science and Criminology, Master Criminology, Thesis on “Private Prison Industry, Institute of Criminology, UiO. 

UCLA extensions (1998) scriptwriting. 

Writers Bootcamp, (2014)  scriptwriting program. 

Her pet project  is “Egalia’s Daughters - A satire of the sexes" - a worldwide bestseller. 

Agent: Spencer Baumgarten, ICM, Los Angeles, CA. 


Harald Zwart made his first films (cell- and puppet animations on super 8) when he was 8 years.  Loved drawing, painting, and playing music. Zwart wanted to be a musician, but chose a more secure future and attended the Dutch Film Academy. His graduation short, GABRIEL'S SURPRISE,  got him straight into commercials in Scandinavia, which then led to commercials for markets in England, Europe, USA and Asia.  

Has filmed in all corners of the world - South America, Africa, Iceland, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Eastern Europe, all Nordic countries, all of Europe, China (Karate Kid was the first true co-production with China and shot entirely on location). 

First Norwegian to join DGA. Shortly after film-school he directed the 4 part miniseries "Commander Hamilton" for Swedish TV which became a success on both TV and as a cut-down version for theatrical release, which also became a hit on DVD.  First US feature "One Night At McCool's" w Michael Douglas. Has since worked with Will Smith on Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. 

Harald just finished directing "The 12th Man" which he co-wrote.  This has been a passion project for over a decade.